Tips for Using Chinese Herbal Remedies
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TCMD & pet specialistsPet Herb Store remedies can be given with or without food, but work best if given on an empty stomach - 15 minutes before or one hour after eating. They will not interfere with veterinary medicines but should be given one hour before or after any other medication. Do not give to pregnant pets.

Because of its gentle action, there have never been any reported negative reactions or intolerance issues with any Pet Herb Store remedy. Nevertheless, if you suspect that your pet has an intolerance to the herbs, please discontinue use and contact us.

Pet Herb Store remedies are based on traditional Chinese herbal medicine, which treats the entire individual, emotionally and physically. The herbs work to optimize your pet's immune system, not just to treat the overt symptoms, as we are familiar with in Western Medicine.


To optimize your pet's healing, Pet Herb Store recommends the following:

  Begin only one herbal remedy at a time unless otherwise recommended. Some Pet Herb Store remedies are effective in combinations for certain ailments such as food allergies.
  Your pet should be fed a high quality pet food. Look for whole food sources, no animal byproducts or fillers, good vitamin content & essential fatty acids. We like to recommend pet stores like Pet Planet because they sell only high quality pet foods. We have found the staff knowledgeable about individualized food choices, based on your budget and your dog's breed, age and activity level. We are also pleased that they do not support puppy mills and will not sell pets in their stores.
  Make plenty of water available to your pet.
  Provide a calm, stress free environment.
  Exercise as tolerated, depending on your pet's individual physical needs and condition.
  Have patience. Some herbal remedies are formulated for quick action, such as the Diarrhea Relief or Calming Formula, and can be given on an as-needed basis. Others take time to build in your pet's system for optimal efficiency. You may need to wait several days or longer to judge the remedy's effectiveness for your pet. The severity of the condition may also affect the recovery time.
  Herbal remedies are not intended for long-term use. If you have finished the recommended course of treatment and symptoms return, we recommend taking a break before a second course of treatment. Please contact us for details, as each herbal remedy may be different.

Answers to your specific questions:

Our Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors and pet specialists, are available to answer your questions about Pet Herb Store formulas. Please email inquiries to


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Countless animals are euthanized because shelters do not have room and cannot find homes for them. Pet Herb Store hopes you will consider adopting your next pet from a shelter. We support spaying or neutering for all animals you don't intend to breed. This is another step that will decrease the number of pets ending up in shelters and will prevent unnecessary deaths. Spayed or neutered animals can be healthier and happier. We also support our Community Caretakers who care for feral and abandoned cats, like our friends at Coady's Cats

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