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Piper is easier to handle and less anxious with our Calming Formula

Calming Formula for Dogs:
Our Boston Terrier Piper is a really excitable little dog and we needed something to help her calm down, especially in the house around our young kids. We have been using the Pet Herb Store Calming Formula for Piper, and we have noticed that she is not as anxious and is much easier to handle.

It was most helpful after our new baby and recent move. We also like that it is a gentle formula and we have not noticed any negative side-effects at all.

Julia F., Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Urinary Assistance for Dogs:
I have a wonderful 2 year old Miniature Schnauzer named Daisy. In early March 2005, Daisys bladder suddenly became completely blocked. I rushed her into the vet clinic where they operated on her and took out 30 to 40 bladder stones. She was a very sick puppy afterwards, fighting infections and urinary crystals. She was on several antibiotics but they just did not do the trick. I was so discouraged as I watched my young dog lose her energy and interest in her daily walks. She was obviously uncomfortable and in some pain.

A neighbour who also owned a female mini Schnauzer who had experienced the same problem two years ago heard about my problems with Daisys health. She suggested your Urinary Relief tablets which had done amazing things for her dog. Her puppy had not had an infection or a crystal in two years! I was so excited to think that they could do the same for Daisy. I ordered the tablets immediately. Within two and a half weeks of taking the herbs, Daisys vet found NO crystals at all in her urine! The vet was amazed at the rapid change in her urine levels. Daisy once again was showing an interest in playing and walking around the neighbourhood as she used to do before the surgery.

I am thrilled beyond words to see my little girl happy and healthy again. Thank you so much!

Joan Bowden, Southampton, Ontario

Urinary Assistance for Cats:
"Two weeks ago my cat came down with a bladder problem - she was having trouble urinating and was in considerable pain. The vet did x-rays and a urinalysis which showed crystals in her bladder. The vet suggested I put her on their 'special food' (very expensive) and on antibiotics. I did neither of these things. I talked to you and you recommended the Urinary Relief herbs for urinary tract infections. You also suggested I put Vitamin C in her food. I kept her off the dry food.

By the second day, she was no longer crying when she went to the bathroom. By the 5th day, you would never know there had been anything wrong with her! I have continued with 2 pills a day for 15 days. Now I will give her 1 pill a day for the next month. I thank you very much for your sound advice".

A very satisfied customer,

Kathy Hay, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

AnchovySlim for Cats:
When we adopted our cat from the Humane Society, she was a slim and hungry kitten found as a stray. She loved her new indoor domestic lifestyle and took full advantage of all the perks - resulting in her becoming a fairly chubby kitty. We put her on Slim for Cats and she is now back down to a more manageable weight. She is more active and happier. She is back to her playful self and much easier to cuddle! We would recommend this product to anyone with an overweight indoor cat.

Stacey O, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Joint Relief:
"Today is the fourth day of using your Joint Relief treatment on our 14 ½ year old Sheltie. He had extreme difficulty in walking up and down the stairs, when he wanted to rest, he simply collapsed on the floor.

We noticed results within three days of your treatment. His is able to climb the stairs easier and does not 'plop' himself down. If your product has done this much in such a short time, I can hardly imagine what he will be like in one month! Miraculous is a good word to describe its ability to cure"

Michael and Lucy Smout, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Joint Relief:
"We have a 9 year old male Golden Retriever with hip dysplasia, bone spurs in the neck and spine problems. He moves slowly even with expensive medicine from our vet.

When my sister-in-law appeared with the Joint Relief formula, I asked her who sold her this bill of goods as I didn't believe it would help.

I must say that I was mistaken because after only 2 weeks we noticed a big difference, and better still, no vet medication! He has been on the tablets for 6 weeks now and he acts like a 2 year old dog. This morning he greeted a neighbour while fetching the newspaper and she told me 'what a frisky puppy'. If she only knew his age.

I thought you might like to pass this info on to others."

Roger La Forge, Florida

cricketJoint Relief:
Our awesome dog Cricket was always full of energy so it was truly heartbreaking to see her start to have such pain in her back and hips. She did not even want to climb the stairs anymore. We started giving her the Joint Relief and she was walking around more easily within a few days. She even had enough energy to play with the kids again. I really didn't expect such great results so fast. Thank you!

Yvohcna F, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Urinary Assistance:
"Thank you for coming to our rescue so promptly - from so far away! Pagan, my 13 year old miniature French Poodle, had been diagnosed with early onset kidney failure. I was completely and utterly devastated, as Pagan is the love of my life.

Thanks to your advice and the wonderful Chinese herbs for kidney/bladder (Urinary Relief ) and the change of diet, he has responded wonderfully. We no longer have incontinence or leaks, which embarrassed him terribly, and he is back to his bouncy self again. More importantly, I feel confident within myself that something very good is going on inside Pagan! Thank you again for all your care and support. You are our new best friends!"

Zena Brandreth & Pagan, Magaliessig, South Africa

Joint Relief:
"I have an 8 year old cocker spaniel who recently underwent anterior cruciate ligament (knee) surgery. I started her on the Joint Relief formula within 1 week and she immediately began walking with that leg! It has been 5 weeks and she has been running on it to the utter amazement of the veterinarians. Her vet said that most dogs who have that surgery are just now beginning to put their toes to the ground. Thanks so much for making my dog heal so fast!"

Deborah, Wilmington, North Carolina

Allergy Relief:
I have a 8 year female yellow labrador retriever, when she was 3 years we didn't know what was wrong with her, she would start licking, biting her feet and scratching, I thought it might have been allergies it seemed to start when my own hay fever started, between myself, vets, and specialist we did determine it was hay fever she had. We have shared allergy pills in the past, really haven't done a whole lot for her, she would be awake most of the nights licking and biting at her feet, none of us really got much sleep, the vet tried her on a steroids all that did was really make her groggy and pee a lot and bulk her up, labs can put weight on so easy, when she was on the steroids she got a little "chubby", it was horrible seeing her this groggy & chubby, we tried everything, one day I was doing a search on the internet and found the website ..., I entered the site and found a herb there called allergy relief, I'll admit I was hesitant at first as nothing has worked for Brandy up to this point, my goodness after the 1st day being on the allergy relief I noticed a big difference, she's been on them for about 1 week now she sleeps well at night along with everyone else she doesn't lick, bite chew or scratch during the day anymore, I give her the pill after her supper so we can all have a good sleep, to me the "allergy relief" pill is like a magic pill, it gives Brandy so much relief she is more relaxed during this allergy season than I have ever seen her. Definitely a good purchase for dogs with allergies, the results are amazing.

Catherine Barrett, Burlington, Ontario Canada

Calming Formula:
"Three years ago we adopted a seven year old cocker spaniel who usually howled whenever she was left alone at home. We were reluctant to give her medication because of toxicity and we did not want a 'doped up dog'. After lots of research, we discovered the Calming formula. Admittedly, we were skeptical. I am very pleased to share that this product has completely helped our dog cope with being home alone. Since there are other tenants in the house, it has been verified that her behavior is 'perfect'. She remains calm but alert and there are no adverse side effects. It has also been tremendously beneficial during thunderstorms. Within 30 minutes, her restlessness, shaking and panting cease and she is able to lie calmly by the bed. We are totally grateful that quality products such as these exist for our pets. We will not hesitate in recommending your products to our friends and anyone else who will listen."

Stevi Urben, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Joint Relief:
The veterinarian I go to gave me something for Buddy, my dog, last year, which really did not help him at all. I thought I would try Joint Relief. First of all, Buddy, who is 8 years old, could hardly walk on his right leg, especially in the morning or from getting from a laying position. It was getting worse and he was actually holding his leg up, so he would not have to walk on it. He was getting crabby and very touchy and did not even want to play anymore. He would not go up the stairs anymore as it hurt him so bad. Well, after the second pill, believe it or not, he was walking on his leg, the limp was just about gone and he was getting playful again. It was really hard to believe. He is even going up and down the stairs now, playing with the cat, and with his toys. We have a big fenced in yard and he goes around it a couple of times a day and is even chasing the squirrels and rabbits. He is still on his first month's dose and I would recommend it to anyone whose dog has arthritis or the start of it. My husband and I said, it is too bad they do not have something like that for people, it would be great. It was just unbelievable how it worked so fast for my Buddy. I sure would be willing to try your other products without hesitation.

Shirley Bard, Heidelberg, Ontario

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