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Heat Relief FREE shipping to U.S. and Canada

This remedy is for dogs who suffer from hot spots. Also effective for dogs who appear hot even in cooler weather with excessive panting, restlessness, thirst and a red tongue. A treatment course is 2 days and may be repeated as long as heat symptoms are present. For hot spots due to seasonal allergies, give for two days, combined with Allergy Relief. Allergy Relief can then be continued until symptoms diminish.



Heat Relief for Dogs


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Ingredients: Anamarrhena rhizome, Watermelon, Asprella root

Do not give these formulas to pregnant pets.


Weight Amount
under 20 lbs 1 pill twice daily
20-49 lbs 2-3 pills twice daily
50-99 lbs 3-4 pills twice daily
over 100 lbs 4-5 pills twice daily