Article: Cold Weather Tips for Dogs


Keep yourself warm and your best friend too!

Winter is here...

Snow and ice combined with cold temperatures can be deadly for your exposed dog or cat.  Like us, they can be protected by using coats and boots.  finding the right boot can protect your best friend from a built up ice forming between their toes and also protect them from sidewalk salt which burns their pads. 

If you don't own boots for the fuzzy kids, keep the fur clipped between their toes to prevent a built up of ice. 

Everyone enjoys a nice beautiful walk on a winter day, but watch for signs that your dog is cold.  Limping from frozen feet, shivering, and lagging behind are sure signs of exposure. 

Tricks of the trade if you must leave your dog outside in the winter.

Have a heated water bowl available so their water doesn't freeze.

Provide shelter from the blowing wind and snow. ie: dog door to the garage or an insulated dog house with a door.

Supply a warm bed inside the dog house, either hay or blanket.

Give your outdoor dog extra food, they burn more calories trying to keep warm compared to your indoor dog

If you bath your pup, make sure he is completely dry before you send him outside to pee or play.

Dig a pathway for your dog, that way he/she has some where to go when they do go out to do their business.

It doesn't have to be a chore to get booties on.  They will get used to the process and that way they will not miss out on beautiful winter days. Click here for custom dog booties.