Article: How to Pick up Your Cat
Contributor: "Blaze", age 12

How to Pick up your Cat
"Blaze" demonstrates How to Pick up Your Cat
Photo by "Spud", age 9

Picking up your cat is not very hard if you hold it properly. I know some people like to cuddle with their pets and make them happy, so here is how to pick up a cat:

The first thing you do is make sure your cat is calm. The cat won't be very happy if it's picked up when it's not happy.

The next thing is to pick it up by the stomach but also support its legs at the front and at the back.

When it is in your arms, carry it around on your shoulder but always support its back legs all the time. When it wants down, it will squirm around until you put it down.

Putting it down is exactly how you pick it up, only in reverse.

Pick it up rarely: cats don't really like being picked up a whole lot or else they get stressed. :-)